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Match the very best theatrical practice"

The Scotsman, Edinburgh

“Meridiano Theatre encompasses all the best aspects of theatre: Grotesque and lyrical, political and human in an inspired, self-invented theatrical world, which whirls around the stage with infectious Italian madness”.

Information, Denmark

Meridiano was founded in 1996 by Italian dramatist and director Giacomo Ravicchio and actors Elise Müller and Lars Begtrup. Giacomo Ravicchio is the artistic director of the theatre. 

Magical realism, poetry, humour and a visual – almost cinematic – narrative form is characteristic of Giacomo Ravicchio’s performances. He freely mixes classical theatre with other artistic forms of expression.  He uses modern technology and very simple techniques in his powerful imagery. 

The theatre has created a sophisticated artistic idiom with performances that speak to the senses across cultures, generations and social backgrounds. The topics are mythical and existential, dealing with what it is to be human. The performances are composed musically, interweaving diverse theatrical forms in graceful rhythms.  The theatre constantly explores new modes of expression in order to revitalize theatre as a form of expression and to create its unique universal idiom.

Meridiano’s activities include putting on performances at theatre venues in Copenhagen as well as touring extensively both in Denmark and abroad. Meridiano is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Performing Arts.



Floras Alle 13

2720 Vanløse - Denmark 

 Phone (+45) 45 20 20 90

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