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by William Shakespeare

It is a historic event when Danish and Chinese actors, along with the world famous Shanghai Acrobat Troupe take the stage in a unique version of Shakespeare’s most inspired and last but one play.
Giacomo Ravicchio creates a spectacular and metamorphic set design, where the tempest rages itself out and the ship, with a grotesque army of clowns, is thrown ashore onto a mystical island occupied by weird, flying and snakelike creatures as well as magical, evil airy spirits. A war breaks out as two young people meet high above in the air to perform an acrobatic love dance between the forlorn shreds of the ship’s sails; thus pure forgiveness completely thwarts
a terrible plan for revenge.

Directed by

Giacomo Ravicchio


Tommy Kenter

Lars Knutzon

He Huan

Ma Qing Li

Ole Sørensen,
Jiang Ke

Fu Ya Wen

Glen ziqver Xavier

Elise Müller

Wang Zi

Lars Bergtrup


Lui Shurui

Sun Xining

Zhang Shanshan

Wei Jinglong


Lene Pernille Christiansen

Sus Hauch

Tobias Heilmann
Anders Hentze

Simon Holm

Søren Ovesen

Karen Rasmussen

Tine Sørensen

Thomas Bredsdorff-Larsen,

Musical director:

Manner Peschcke-Køedt


Erik K. Christensen

Nina Foss

Bent Holm
Light designer:

Michael Breine
Produced by: 

Meridiano Theatre
Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre  
Batida Theatre
Shanghai Acrobats Troupe
Theatre Møllen

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