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Born 15th November 1958 in Germagnano (Turin), Italy.

1972 -1974- Trained in drama and stagecraft at Teatro dell’Angolo in Turin, Italy  under the guidance of: Giovanni Moretti and Gian Renzo Morteo, professors of theater history at the University of Turin.

Modern dance with Anna Sagna from the Bella Hutter dance school

Trained in acrobatic gymnastic by Giulio Catello from the Royal Theatre of Turin

Workshops and traning  with : Julian Beck and the Living Theatre, Meredith Monk, 

Eugenio Barba and The Odin Theatre

1974 - Official stage debut at the age of 16

From 1974 until 1995, affiliated with the Teatro dell'Angolo in Turin,

where he has created over 30 performances.


From 1996 co-founder and  artistic director of Meridiano Theater of Copenhagen

Playwright, director, actor, composer, set designer and  video designer Giacomo Ravicchio Has also produced and directed performances in

Torino, Copenhaghen, Paris, ,Lausanna, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Montréal, Winnipeg, Osaka and Shanghai.


His plays have been translated into 33 languages and performed in 56 different countries across five continents, and today he is ranked among the most played Italian theatre dramatist in the world.

Giacomo Ravicchio shows have been in:

Afghanistan,  Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cameroon, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon,  Mexico, Mongolia, North Korea, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tasmania, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Åland                         

Honors and Awards

2023 - Reumert Nomination 

Best Show for children and young people

Copenhagen - Denmark 

2021  -  Statens Kunstfond Særligt  arbejdslegat Copenhagen - Denmark 


2019 - Statens Kunstfonds Legatudvalget for Scenekunst 

Copenhagen - Denmark

2018 - Audience award for the best show 

International Children and Youth Theater Festival

Hamedan - Iran

2016 - Award Stage Art Designer 

International Experimental Theatre Festival

Hanoi - Viet Nam

2016 - Award "Årets Børneteater 

Danmarks Teaterforeninger

Silkeborg - Denmark

2016 - Reumert Nomination 

Best Show for children and young people

Copenhagen - Denmark 

2016 - CPH Culture Nomination

Best Show for children and young people

Copenhagen - Denmark    


2015 - Award  "Horsens Børneteaterpris"

Horsens-  Denmark 

2013 - Statens Kunstfond Arbejdslegat 

Copenhagen - Denmark

2012 - Award Reumert

Best Show for children and young people

Copenhagen - Denmark  


2011 - Award

"Best Show  para público infantil de la temporada"

Madrid - Spain

2010 - Artist Award 2010" 

Nordea Fonden  December

Copenhagen - Denmark  


2010 - Award  "Max de las arte scenica

Premio Espectáculo Revelación"

Marimona - Spain

2008 - Awarded as  "Best director"

New Generation  theatre festival  Giocateatro 

Turin - Italy 

2008 - Award for the "Best  artistic  performance"  

New Generation , Giocateatro

Turin - Italy 


2008 - Award for the " Best performance"

Festival “Lugliobambino”

Campi Bisenzio - Italy 

2008 - Award for the "Best Acting"

International Theatre Festival 1,000,  Tale

Bucharest - Rumania 


2007 - Poeten Poul Sørensen

og Susanne Sørensen Legat

Copenhagen - Denmark


2007 - Award "Excellent Production"

Shanghai International Theater Festival 

Shanghai - China


2007 - Awarded with the  Italian

Cross of the Order of Chivalry

Copenhagen - Denmark   


2007 - Award

" Maria Signorelli" XX° Stagione

Rome -  Italy 

2006 - Dansk SkuespillerforbundLegat

(Danish Actors' Association)

Copenhagen - Danmark


2004 - Award "Stregagatto" 

Rome - Italy   


2004 - Critics' Awards  

for the Best performance

Villanueva - Cuba 


2003 - Award for the "Best performance" 

Grand Prix of the Jury

Giffoni - Italy

1999 - Dansk Skuespillerforbund


Copenhagen - Danmark


1991 - Award

for the "Best Italian production"  ETI

Rome - Italy   


1991- Award for the "Best Italian production

with the most performances abroad" AGIS

Rome - Italy 

1989 - Critics' Award

for the "Best show for young people"

Montreal - Canada

1989 - Award for the "Best visual concept"

Festival des Ameriques

Montreal - Canada

1989 - Award for the "Best sound concept"

Festival des Ameriques

Montreal - Canada

1988 - Critics' Award

for the "Best  foreign performance"

Montreal - Canada

1987 - Award for the

"Best set design" Schauspiele

Munich - Germany

1987 - Award city of Turin  Theater Play

Turin - Italy 

1986 - Awarded with The "

Golden Ticket" AGIS/BNL

Taormina Italy

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