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A new, imaginative and universal puppet show for children and adults about a little girl’s mystical soul mate friendship with an old, worldly wise family tree. 

Frida has a secret place. 
In a corner of the family garden, where no one comes anymore and where the forest begins, stands an old tree. It was planted there by Frida’s great-great-grandfather so long ago that most people have forgotten about it.

In the company of the tree, Frida knows where she came from and where she is going. She entrusts it with her thoughts, her fears, her doubts, and all her dreams and wishes. 

One day, Frida’s parents tell her that they are going to move to an apartment in a big city. Frida decides to hide in the tree and never come home again …

Author, director, set-designer and composer: Giacomo Ravicchio 
The performers: Lars Begtrup and Elise Müller 
Dramaturg and translated by: Bent Holm
Set construction, workshop and technical leader: Steen Molls

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