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The myth of Orpheus’ magical journey to the underworld to bring his beloved Eurydice back to life hits at the very heart of our relationship to loss, death, desire, and oblivion. 

It is the story of emotions so strong that they challenge death itself and thus release forces which cannot be controlled.

With his opera, Orpheus and Eurydice, C.W. Gluck set new standards for what musical drama could and should be. He made opera intimate via a powerful story told through music, song, and dance.

With this co-production between Meridiano Theatre, NordicOpera, Den Fynske Opera, and Uppercut Dance Theatre, originator and director Giacomo Ravicchio renders Gluck’s opera intimate and meaningful here and now – in a contemporary, modern staging.

The French film composer, Jérôme Baur, has combined new, present day musical timbres with the original music’s classical melodies, the dance is Urban Contemporary, there is narrative drama, imaginative digital video art, and the opera singers unfold themselves in new ways in this multi artistic universe.

This eternal story of love, death, and courage unfurls itself - dramatically, musically, and visually.

A story of life’s beauty and fragility.


Based on the opera by:  Christoph Willibald Gluck and Ranieri de Calzabigi
Concept and direction:  Giacomo Ravicchio 
Composer and arranger:  Jerome Baur

Dramaturg: Bent Holm
Opera singers:  Josefine Andersson, Berit Barfred Jensen,  Lea Quortrup 
Dancers and choreographers:  Mark Philip, Noora Hannula
Dancer and percussionist:  Alexander Skjold
Actors:  Elise Müller, Lars Begtrup
Video designer:  Marc Viktov
Light designer:  Mikkel Jensen


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