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In Ravicchio's work, the audience often witness the employment of all kinds of cinematic techniques and ideologies, 

amazing his understanding of the stage, the utilization of the space, the employment of the multimedia technology, 

and the melange of singing, dancing and acting

You will surely be awed by these beautiful visual experience on stage

When watching this show, you will feel as if the actors are within beautiful painting.

it feel like watching a movie

-- Shanghai Metro Express


Giacomo Ravicchio gives to the most ancient legend of China, a new sense of rebirth.

-- Kyeonqin News Seul Korea


Beautiful as a Chinese painting.

-- Uijeongbu International  Korea

Whether you’re familiar or not with the original story,

Ravicchio’s adaptation is mythical, beautiful and charged with drama.

-- Angel Huang   Austarlian Stage 

The deft hand of Italian dramatist Giacomo Ravicchio places some

of Shanghai’s best performers against a backdrop of projected live illustration and traditional imagery.

-- Tasmanian's Arts Festival

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